Hobart Forever Boys - The Lion Years: 2005–2008

The Lion Years: 2005–2008

The Lions first season was a poor one missing the finals and winning few games under new coach Ian Wilson.

As a heavy pall hung over the club, crowd attendances and club memberships continued to slide miserably, the onfield performances continued to remain largely poor.

After the sacking of Ian Wilson during the 2006 season after a player revolt, the club embarked on recruiting 1990 Hobart premiership player and former Melbourne AFL player Andrew Lamprill as his replacement as senior coach. Under Lamprill's tenure, the senior team made a strong improvement from that point in the season, winning a string of games, Lamprill's young squad eventually bowing out to New Norfolk in the First Semi Final at Boyer Oval.

Disappointment was to return in the following two seasons, both seasons seeing the Lions bowing out in largely uncompetitive circumstances in the Elimination Final to New Norfolk (2007) and Lauderdale (2008).

The final game for the Hobart Lions was the SFL Premier League elimination final on 23 August 2008 which saw Lauderdale trounce the Lions 18.5 (113) to 9.12 (66) at the TCA Ground.

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