History of The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

The history of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is long and remarkable, with over one hundred and twenty years of competition finding winners and losers from all parts of the country.

Tracing the history of the Hurling Championship back to its beginning, it is possible to easily pick out periods when specific teams or counties dominated the competition, only to find themselves rapidly superseded by another dominant team or teams.

The format of the championship had also undergone several significant changes throughout the years, with the creation of the 'back-door system' in 1997 and the expanded qualifiers in 2002.

Read more about History Of The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship:  1887 To 1888 - The First Championship and The 'invasion', 1889 To 1891 - The Championship Gathers Momentum, 1892 To 1894 - Cork's First Three-in-a-row, 1895 To 1900 - Tipperary's Five Out of Six, 1901 To 1903 - The Exiles and The Rebels Do Battle, 1904 To 1913 – Kilkenny’s Greatest Era, 1914 To 1915 – Clare and Laois Make The Breakthrough, 1916 To 1925 – A Decade of Change Book Ended By Tipperary, 1926 To 1931 – The Greatest Cork Team, 1932 To 1936 – Kilkenny’s Double and The Greatest Limerick Team, 1937 To 1940 – The Cup Goes To Munster Then Leinster and Back Again, 1941 To 1944 – Cork’s Four-in-a-row, 1945 To 1948 – Four Years, Four Champions, 1949 To 1954 – Cork and Tipperary: The Greatest Rivalry, 1955 To 1956 – Wexford Arrive, 1957 To 1959 – Kilkenny and Waterford Come in From The Cold, 1960 To 1968 – The Greatest Tipperary Team, 1969 To 1970 – Cork and Kilkenny Set The Pace, 1971 To 1975 – Kilkenny’s Dominance, 1976 To 1978 - A Rebel Three-in-a-row, 1979 To 1981 - Kilkenny Bounce Back While Galway and Offaly Make History, 1982 To 1986 - Kilkenny and Cork Dominate, 1987 To 1988 - Galway Break The Mould, 1989 To 1993 - The Big Three Redeem Themselves, 1994 To 1998 – The Underdogs Topple The Top Dogs, 1999 To 2001 – The Old Order Restored, 2002 To 2008 – Kilkenny and Cork Lead The Way, Evolution of The Championship Format

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