History of Salt Lake City - Today


At the dawn of the 21st century, Salt Lake City continues to grow and change. Attempts are being made to revitalize the city's downtown. Growth of suburbs, as well as the change in downtown traffic patterns due to the building of the Crossroads and ZCMI Center malls across the street from one another decades earlier, all helped contribute to its decline.

Salt Lake City has experienced many changes since being settled. The Salt Lake City of the 21st century is increasingly a multicultural society. The 2000 census reported about 15% of the population to be Hispanic; in the Glendale neighborhood it is a common sight for storefronts to display Spanish language signs. In 1998 the city elected Jackie Biskupski (a Democrat), the first openly gay Utah state representative, and the city has received many refugees from countries around the world including Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Russia. Recently the United States federal government initiated a plan to resettle 1,000 Bantus within the city.

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