His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi (Urdu: ریاض احمد گوھر شاہی‎), also known as Sultan ul Salateen ul Fuqra Imam Mehdi; born 25 November 1941) is a spiritual leader, founder of the spiritual movements RAGS International (now known as Messiah Foundation International) and Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam. He is the author of a number of Urdu books on spiritual topics, the most successful among these being Deen-e-Ilahi "The Religion of God" (2000) which has recently been re-published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, translated into English, Arabic, Thai, Persian, and Hindi by Messiah Foundation International.

RAGS International was renamed to Messiah Foundation International after Shahi's disappearance in 2001. MFI claims that Shahi is the Mehdi, Messiah, and Kalki Avatar.

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