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Fictional Character Biography

Hijacker was first defeated by Ant-Man, and later by Black Goliath and the Thing. He was good at last-moment “rabbits out of the hat” tricks that no one expected. He returned for vengeance on the Thing after the hero was hospitalized. He used a tank similar in appearance to his last one, but it was not as durable and Iron Man made quick work of it.

Hijacker attended the “Bar With No Name” massacre. Without his gimmicks and protection, he proved easy prey for the Scourge of the Underworld.

Hijacker was later among the eighteen criminals, all murdered by the Scourge, to be resurrected by Hood using the power of Dormammu as part of a squad assembled to eliminate the Punisher. He carries over a dozen different kinds of gases in his backpack, and has his giant impenetrable tank. Hijacker chases the Punisher in his tank, who uses Pym particles to shrink down and get into the tank; after taking control of the tank, Punisher crashes it into the building where Basilisk was holding G. W. Bridge and uses the gases on Basilisk.

In the cleanup following Spider-Island, he attempted an opportunistic bank heist, but was noticed and pursued by Venom. During the chase, he accidentally ran over a mother and her child, causing Flash to lose his temper and bite Hijacker's head off.

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