Hijacker (comics) - Equipment


Hijacker gained his abilities from his heavy body-suit, which provided the power for his weapons. His heavy, brown, reinforced fabric suit provided protection against physical, energy, heat, fire, and cold attacks. When sealed with his odd-looking helmet, Hijacker had his own 4-hour oxygen supply and was immune to gases.

Hijacker’s main weapon was a multifunction gun called a “Vario-Blaster,” attached to the belt of his outfit by a cable. With his weapon, Hijacker could fire: “nuclear flame,” knock-out nerve gas, damaging projectiles, “ionic blasts,”, and an “activator beam” which activated any nearby machinery.

Hijacker’s “Crime-Tank” was a heavily armored fort on spiked treads. This mobile base was an off-road vehicle, and had electromagnets as weapons. This tank was destroyed by the Thing and Black Goliath.

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