Hess or Heß may refer to:

  • People with the surname Hess (also Heß in German)
  • Hess Educational Organization, the largest private provider of English instruction in the Republic of China
  • Hess Corporation, an integrated oil and gasoline company (USA)
  • H.E.S.S., an experiment in Gamma-ray astronomy
  • Hess's law, a law in chemistry
  • Hess's, a defunct department store chain
  • Carrosserie Hess AG, a commercial vehicle manufacturer in Switzerland

Famous quotes containing the word hess:

    Your children are not here to fill the void left by marital dissatisfaction and disengagement. They are not to be utilized as a substitute for adult-adult intimacy. They are not in this world in order to satisfy a wife’s or a husband’s need for love, closeness or a sense of worth. A child’s task is to fully develop his/her emerging self. When we place our children in the position of satisfying our needs, we rob them of their childhood.
    —Aaron Hess (20th century)