Hellmuth may refer to:

  • Hellmuth Heye (1895–1970), German admiral and politician
  • Hellmuth Hirth (1886–1938), German engineer who founded engine manufacturing companies
  • Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, an architecture-engineering firm
  • Hellmuth Karasek (born 1934), German journalist, literary critic, novelist and author
  • Hellmuth Mäder (1908–1984), German general
  • Hellmuth Reymann (1892–1988), German Army officer
  • Hellmuth Walter (1900–1980), German engineer who pioneered research into rocket engines and gas turbines
    • Hellmuth Walter Kommanditgesellschaft, a company
  • Hellmuth Wolff (organ builder) (born 1973), Canadian organ builder
  • Isaac Hellmuth (1819–1901), founder of Huron University College and the University of Western Ontario
  • Otto Hellmuth (1896–1968), member of the Nazi party
  • Phil Hellmuth (born 1964), American poker player