Hatch may refer to:

  • Hatch (surname)
  • Hatching, also called "cross-hatching", an artistic technique used to create tonal or shading effects using closely spaced parallel lines
  • Hatching, the emergence of a young animal from an egg
  • A trapdoor, also called a hatch, a door on a floor or ceiling
  • A sluice gate
  • Hatchback, an automobile design
  • Hatch Ltd, an engineering and development consulting company based in Mississauga, Canada


  • Hatch, Bedfordshire, a hamlet in Bedfordshire, England
  • Hatch, New Mexico, a village in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, United States
  • Hatch, Utah, a town in Garfield County, Utah, United States
  • Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Power Plant, in the U.S. state of Georgia


  • The Hatch Act of 1887, United States legislation which authorized federal funding for agricultural experiment stations
  • The Hatch Act of 1939, United States legislation which prohibited civil servants from engaging in partisan political activity


  • The Hatch is the third DHARMA Initiative station in the television show Lost
  • Hatch, a bug-like villain from the TV show Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

Famous quotes containing the word hatch:

    He looked at Senator Hatch and said, “I’m going to make her cry. I’m going to sing ‘Dixie’ until she cries.” And I looked at him and said, “Senator Helms, your singing would make me cry if you sang ‘Rock of Ages’.”
    Carol Moseley-Braun (b. 1947)