Haskins is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Caryl Parker Haskins, scientist
  • Charles H. Haskins, historian
  • Charles Waldo Haskins, co-founder of Haskins and Sells accounting firm
  • Clem Haskins, American basketball player and coach
  • David Haskins (wrestler)
  • Dennis Haskins, actor
  • Django Haskins, singer/songwriter
  • Don Haskins, American basketball coach
  • Fuzzy Haskins, singer and guitarist for Parliament-Funkadelic
  • Kevin Haskins, drummer
  • Minnie Louise Haskins, academic and poet
  • Roger Haskins, bishop
  • Sam Haskins, South-African photographer
  • Sarah Haskins (triathlete), American Triathlete
  • Sarah Haskins (comedian), American Comedian
  • Steve Haskins, American professional golfer
  • Terry Haskins, Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives

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