Harlan may refer to:

  • Harlan (company), full name Harlan Sprague Dawley Inc., suppliers of animals and other services to laboratories
  • Harlan Estate, California cult wine producer
  • Mount Harlan AVA, California wine region in San Benito County
  • Harlan County, USA, a documentary film
  • Harlan-Lincoln House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Henry County, Iowa


  • Harlan, Indiana
  • Harlan, Iowa
  • Harlan, Kentucky
  • Harlan County, Kentucky
  • Harlan County, Nebraska
  • Harlan Township, Warren County, Ohio

As a surname:

  • Bob Harlan, Chairman and CEO of the NFL's Green Bay Packers
  • Bruce Harlan (1926–1959), U.S. Olympic diver
  • Byron B. Harlan (1886–1949), American attorney and politician
  • Byron G. Harlan (1861–1936), American singer
  • Christiane Harlan (born 1932), German actress, dancer, painter and singer. Widow of Stanley Kubrick
  • James Harlan (senator), (1820–1899), American politician from Iowa
  • James Harlan (congressman), fl. 1830s, American politician from Kentucky
  • Jan Harlan, American film producer and director
  • John Marshall Harlan (1833–1911), U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • John Marshall Harlan II (1899–1971), U.S. Supreme Court Justice, grandson of John Marshall Harlan
  • John Harlan, American announcer
  • Josiah Harlan (1799–1871), American adventurer
  • Kevin Harlan (born 1960), American sports announcer
  • Richard Harlan (1796–1843), American naturalist
  • Russell Harlan (1903–1974), American cinematographer
  • Thomas Harlan (born 1964), American science fiction/fantasy writer
  • Veit Harlan (1899–1964), German film director and actor

As a given name:

  • Harlan J. Brothers, American inventor, mathematician, and musician
  • Harlan Coben (born 1962), American novelist
  • Harlan Cohen (born 1934), American volleyball coach
  • Harlan Ellison (born 1934), American writer
  • Harlan Howard (1927–2001), American country music songwriter
  • Harlan Huckleby (born 1957), American football running back
  • Harlan Marbley (born 1943), American boxer
  • Harlan Fiske Stone (1872–1946), U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • Harlan K. Ullman (born 1941), United States military officer and political author
  • Jessie Harlan Lincoln (1875–1948), granddaughter of Abraham Lincoln

In fiction:

  • Harlan (Stargate), an artificial intelligence in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Tin Man"
  • Harlan Rook, a fictional character in the 1988 film The Dead Pool