Haim Harari - Contributions


Haim Harari has made major contributions to three different fields: particle physics research on the international scene, science education in the Israeli school system and science administration and policy making.

Harari coined the name of the top and bottom quarks, predicted in 1973 by Kobayashi and Maskawa, and made the first complete statement of the standard six quarks and six leptons model of particle physics (at the Stanford 1975 Lepton-Photon Conference). He also proposed the Rishon Model, a model for a substructure of quarks and leptons, currently believed to be the most fundamental particles in nature. There is no experimental evidence yet for such substructure.

His contributions to education include the establishment of a national tutoring and mentoring project, in which more than 30,000 Israeli undergraduates receive a tuition fellowship in return for devoting four hours per week to a child from an underprivileged socioeconomic background. He also initiated and established a unique science teaching center in which high school students perform all their physics studies in advanced laboratories and with highly qualified teachers, instead of pursuing the same in their own schools. Harari has been chairman of both projects, since their founding.

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