Ha - Science and Measurement

Science and Measurement

  • Hahnium, an element now called Dubnium
  • Hartree, an atomic unit of energy
  • Hectare (ha), a unit of area
  • Hectoampere, a unit of electric current
  • Hemagglutinin (influenza) (HA), an antigenic glycoprotein from Influenza viruses
  • Hemagglutination assay, a measurement of viruses or bacteria
  • Hyaluronan, a carbohydrate structure
  • Hydroxylapatite, a mineral
  • High availability

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Famous quotes containing the words science and/or measurement:

    Magic is akin to science in that it always has a definite aim intimately associated with human instincts, needs, and pursuits. The magic art is directed towards the attainment of practical aims. Like other arts and crafts, it is also governed by a theory, by a system of principles which dictate the manner in which the act has to be performed in order to be effective.
    Bronislaw Malinowski (1984–1942)

    That’s the great danger of sectarian opinions, they always accept the formulas of past events as useful for the measurement of future events and they never are, if you have high standards of accuracy.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)