Ground Glass Joint - Hermetic Sealing

Hermetic Sealing

A thin layer of PTFE material or grease is usually applied to the ground-glass surfaces to be connected, and the inner joint is inserted into the outer joint such that the ground-glass surfaces of each are next to each other to make the connection. The use of this helps to provide a good seal and prevents the joint from seizing, allowing the parts to be disassembled easily.

Sealing allows chemists to easily see when a taper is leaking, as bubbles can usually be seen flowing through the taper.

Both PTFE tape, bands, and fluoroether-based grease or oils, but not silicone-based, all emit hydrogen fluoride fumes as they approach and exceed their working temperature limits, which can occur when using a hotplate, mantle, oil bath or flame. Upon contact with moisture, including tissue, hydrogen fluoride immediately converts to hydrofluoric acid, which is highly corrosive and toxic, and requires immediate medical attention upon exposure.

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