Grip may refer to:

  • Grip strength, a measure of hand strength
  • Power grip, one way of gripping objects
  • Precision grip, another way of gripping objects, which allows finer control
  • Handle (grip), a part of, or attachment to, an object, allowing it to be moved or used by hand
  • Grippers, exercise machines used to increase hand strength
  • Battery grip, an accessory for camera
  • Grip (job), a job in the film industry
    • Key grip, the chief grip on a film set
  • Pistol grip, the handle of a firearm, or a similar handle on a tool

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Famous quotes containing the word grip:

    You are the brave who do not break
    In the grip of the mob when the blow comes straight
    To the shattered bone;
    Raymond R. Patterson (b. 1929)

    While the State becomes inflated and hypertrophied in order to obtain a firm enough grip upon individuals, but without succeeding, the latter, without mutual relationships, tumble over one another like so many liquid molecules, encountering no central energy to retain, fix and organize them.
    Emile Durkheim (1858–1917)

    you show her the two hands
    that grip each other fiercely,
    one being mine, one being yours.
    Torn right off at the wrist bone
    when you started in your
    impossible going, gone.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)