Greenhouse Gas - Life-cycle Greenhouse-gas Emissions of Energy Sources

Life-cycle Greenhouse-gas Emissions of Energy Sources

A literature review of numerous energy sources CO2 emissions by the IPCC in 2011, found that, the CO2 emission value, that fell within the 50th percentile of all total life cycle emissions studies conducted, was as follows.

Lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by electricity source.
Technology Description 50th percentile
(g CO2/kWhe)
Hydroelectric reservoir 4
Wind onshore 12
Nuclear various generation II reactor types 16
Biomass various 18
Solar thermal parabolic trough 22
Geothermal hot dry rock 45
Solar PV Polycrystaline silicon 46
Natural gas various combined cycle turbines without scrubbing 469
Coal various generator types without scrubbing 1001

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