Greater Rochester International Airport - Airfield


Greater Rochester International Airport covers an area of 1,136 acres (460 ha) at an elevation of 559 feet (170 m) above mean sea level. It has three runways:

  • Runway 4/22: 8,001 x 140 ft. (2,439 x 43 m), Surface: Concrete
  • Runway 7/25: 4,000 x 100 ft. (1,219 x 30 m), Surface: Asphalt
  • Runway 10/28: 6,000 x 150 ft. (1,676 x 46 m), Surface: Asphalt

All of the airports runways are equipped with a Category II Instrument Landing System (ILS)

In 2008, the airport completed a project to put two service roads around the end of Runway 28, near Interstate 390, in tunnels. The ground was graded upwards beyond the end of the runway to cover the tunnels. Earlier in the decade, a 500-foot overrun area was added to the 10 end of this runway. An Engineered materials arrestor system (EMAS) of about 200 feet was added to this extension. The EMAS consists of soft rubberized concrete into which an overrunning aircraft's wheels can sink, and the aircraft ostensibly be stopped safely before it veers onto the grass. In 2011, the airports runway 10/28 was expanded to beable to handle the airports MD88, 717, and 737-300, 737-700 traffic. Runway 4/22 is in dabate of an expansion to 9,500 feet.

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