Graf Zeppelin

Graf Zeppelin may refer to:

  • Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838-1917), German officer and engineer, founder of the Zeppelin airship company ("Graf" is German for "Count")
  • LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin, the first airship named after Count Zeppelin
  • LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin, the second and less famous airship by the same name
  • The Graf Zeppelin-class aircraft carriers, two German Kriegsmarine aircraft carriers laid down in the mid-1930s, also named after Count Zeppelin
    • The German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, the first ship of this class
  • Graf Zeppelin march, a composition by Carl Teike
  • Graf Michael Sepperin, a fictional Vampire-esque character in Rosenkreuzstilette. His name is a romanization of Zeppelin with an S placed as the first letter instead of a Z.