Government of Mauritius

Government Of Mauritius

Coordinates: 20°12′S 57°30′E / 20.2°S 57.5°E / -20.2; 57.5

For other uses, see Mauritius (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Mauritania.
Republic of Mauritius
Motto: "Stella Clavisque Maris Indici" (Latin)
"Star and Key of the Indian Ocean"
Anthem: Motherland
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(and largest city)
Port Louis
Official languages Nonea
Vernacular languages
  • Mauritian Creole
  • French
  • English
Demonym Mauritian
Government Parliamentary republic
- President Kailash Purryag
- Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam
Legislature National Assembly
- from the United Kingdom 12 March 1968
- Republic 12 March 1992
- Total 2,040 km2 (179th)
787 sq mi
- Water (%) 0.07
- 2012 estimate 1,291,456 (151st)
- 2011 census 1,233,000
- Density 630/km2 (19th)
1,636.5/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2012 estimate
- Total $20.225 billion
- Per capita $15,595
GDP (nominal) 2012 estimate
- Total $11.224 billion
- Per capita $8,654
HDI (2011) 0.728 (high) (78th)
Currency Mauritian rupee (MUR)
Time zone MUT (UTC+4)
- Summer (DST) not observedb (UTC)
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Drives on the left
Calling code +230
ISO 3166 code MU
Internet TLD .mu
a. English and French are official in parliament.
b. Mauritius's last DST period started on the last Sunday in October 2006 and ended on the last Sunday in March 2007. It was re-introduced in 2008 but Mauritius has not repeated it since 2009.

Mauritius i/məˈrɪʃəs/ (Mauritian Creole: Moris; French: Maurice, ), officially the Republic of Mauritius (Mauritian Creole: Republik Moris; French: République de Maurice) is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the south east coast of the African continent. The country includes the islands of Agaléga, Saint Brandon and Rodrigues. Mauritius forms part of the Mascarene Islands, which include the neighbouring islands of Réunion, Saint Brandon and Rodrigues. The area of the country is 2040 km2, its capital is Port Louis.

The first Portuguese explorers found no indigenous people living on the island in 1507. The island of Mauritius was the only home of the Dodo bird. The bird became extinct fewer than eighty years after its discovery. The Dutch settled on the island in 1598 and abandoned it in 1710, Mauritius became a French colony in 1715 and was renamed Isle de France. The British took control of Mauritius in 1810 during the Napoleonic Wars. The country became an independent state as a Commonwealth realm on 12 March 1968 and Republic within the Commonwealth on 12 March 1992.

The country's populace is composed of several ethnicities, mostly people of Indian, African, Chinese and European descent. Most Mauritians are multilingual, English, French, Creole and Asian languages are used.

The Mauritian Constitution is based on the Westminster model. The head of government is the President but constitutional power is vested by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Mauritius is the only African country with Full Democracy according to the Democracy Index.

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