Gotham City Police Department - Former Members

Former Members

Note: The following are either deceased or have been dismissed from the Gotham City Police Department.

  • Michael Akins - Succeeded Gordon as commissioner, left GCPD during the one-year gap under unknown circumstances.
  • Crispus Allen - Detective, Major Crimes Unit. Partnered with Renee Montoya. Killed by Jim Corrigan, now the Spectre.
  • Jim Corrigan - Corrupt CSI, killed Crispus Allen. Killed by Allen's son.
  • Roger DeCarlo - Corrupt officer. Killed by Poison Ivy after accidentally murdering one of her orphans and attempting to cover it up.
  • Max Eckhart - Corrupt detective lieutenant featured in 1989's Batman, as a stand-in for Bullock. Killed by Jack Napier shortly before his transformation into the Joker.
  • Sarah Essen Gordon - Major Crimes Unit commander, wife of Commissioner Gordon. Killed by the Joker during No Man's Land.
  • Charlie Fields - Detective, Major Crimes Unit. Partnered with Marcus Driver. Killed by Mr. Freeze.
  • Arnold Flass - Gordon's corrupt partner, Detective, fired. Killed by the Hangman.
  • Hugh Foley - Opposed Jim Gordon, killed by Billy Pettit during No Man's Land.
  • Jack Grogan - Corrupt commissioner after Loeb and before Gordon, dismissed.
  • Andy Howe - Briefly served as police commissioner after Mayor Krol fired Gordon.
  • Andrew "Andy" Kelly - Officer, partnered with Don Peak. Transformed into a monster by Doctor Alchemy and killed in self-defense by Peak.
  • David King - Police Captain, former ally of Gordon, killed during Year Three.
  • Stan Kitch - Former lieutenant, now a defense attorney.
  • Gillian B. Loeb - Corrupt commissioner in Year One, dismissed and later murdered by the Hangman. In Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, Loeb was a legitimate cop who was murdered by the Joker when poison was put into his drink.
  • Kelvin Mao - officer, Tactical Unit. Became the superhero known as Ballistic, murdered by Superboy-Prime.
  • Stan Merkel - Watch Commander/Patrolman, friend of Gordon. Killed by the Hangman during Batman: Dark Victory.
  • Renee Montoya - Detective, Major Crimes Unit. Partnered with Crispus Allen. Resigned after Allen's death, now the Question.
  • Timothy Munroe - Corrupt officer. Killed by Poison Ivy after accidentally murdering one of her orphans and attempting to cover it up.
  • Miles O'Hara - Police Chief around the time Gordon had just initially became Commissioner. First victim of the Hangman at the start of Batman: Dark Victory.
  • Nate Patton - Detective, Major Crimes Unit. Partnered with Romy Chandler. Killed by the Joker.
  • Billy Pettit - Head of SWAT team, went insane. During No Man's Land he and several other officers broke away from Jim Gordan who considered his actions too soft. Pettit later killed a fellow police officer for an imagined betrayal. Soon after he was tricked and killed by the Joker.
  • Ronald Probson - Major Crimes Unit commander, killed by the Joker.
  • Jordan Rich - Corrupt officer, shot Jim Gordon. Killed indirectly by Harvey Bullock in retaliation.
  • Raymond Wills - Detective, Internal Affairs Division. Was taken hostage by the Joker's men. Resigned after his rescue.
  • Jamie Harper - Detective Specialist. Associate of Robin III, grandniece of James Harper, dating Jason Bard. Has since transferred to the Metropolis Science Police.

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