Gore Highway

Gore Highway is a highway in Queensland running from Goondiwindi to Toowoomba. Together with Goulburn Valley Highway and Newell Highway, it is a part of the National Highway's Melbourne-Brisbane link. It is signed as .

It passes through the Queensland's Darling Downs region. Typical scenery are cattle grazing fields, orchards and grain growing fields. Its elevation to National Highway was only in February 1993 replacing Cunningham Highway for the Goondiwindi - Brisbane section, rerouting interstate traffic through Toowoomba and the Warrego Highway instead as it presents a less steeper gradient compared to the old routing, (via Warwick and Cunninghams Gap) making the journey, especially for trucks, faster. It was initially designated State Route 85 until February 1993 when National Highway 85 was proclaimed, splitting State Route 85 into two. In 2005 it was given the National Highway A39 designation.

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