Gonzo may refer to:

  • Gonzo journalism
  • Gonzo Station
  • Gonzo (company), for animation production
  • Gonzo, configuration of Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft


  • Matthias Röhr (born 1962), German musician
  • Luis Gonzalez (outfielder), American baseball player
  • Georgi Ivanov (footballer born 1976) (born 1976), Bulgarian
  • Fernando González (born 1980), Chilean tennis player
  • Adrian Gonzalez (born 1982), American baseball player
  • Glen Gondrezick (1955–2009), American basketball player
  • Tony Gonzalez (American football) (born 1976), tight end for the Atlanta Falcons
  • Gonzales (musician) (born 1972), Canadian musician
  • Radislav Jovanov Gonzo (born 1964), Croatian music video director

Titled expressive works:

  • The Gonzo, student magazine
  • Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, film
  • "Gonzo", a song by James Booker
  • "Gonzo", a song by The All-American Rejects on their fourth album Kids in the Street
  • Gonzo (show), a television show with Alexa Chung

Fictional characters:

  • Gonzo the Great, a character in the Muppet franchise
  • Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard, a comic book character