Golden Valley

Golden Valley is the name of several places.

In the UK

  • Golden Valley, Herefordshire
  • Golden Valley, Stroud
  • Golden Valley, an area around Hatherley Brook, west of Cheltenham

In the USA

  • Golden Valley, Arizona
  • Golden Valley, Minnesota
  • Golden Valley, North Dakota
  • Golden Valley County, Montana
  • Golden Valley County, North Dakota
  • Golden Valley Township, Minnesota


  • Golden Valley, Zimbabwe

Famous quotes containing the words golden and/or valley:

    Now remember courage, go to the door,
    Open it and see whether coiled on the bed
    Or cringing by the wall, a savage beast
    Maybe with golden hair, with deep eyes
    Like a bearded spider on a sunlit floor
    Will snarl—and man can never be alone.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    In a valley late bees with whining gold
    Thread summer to the loose ends of sleep....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)