Gold Medal (RGS) - Past Recipients

Past Recipients

Date Founder's Medal Contribution Patron's Medal Contribution
2007 Professor Roger Barry international leadership of research on climate and climate change Professor Paul Curran international development of geographical science through remote sensing and Earth observation
2006 Professor Derek Gregory international leadership of research in human geography and social theory Professor Jack Ives role internationally in establishing the global importance of mountain regions
2005 Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton research on Quaternary palaeoclimatology Professor Jean Malaurie lifelong study of the Arctic and its peoples
2004 Professor Leszek Starkel advancing international understanding of palaeohydrology and geomorphology Sydney Possuelo contributions to Brazilian people’s rights and explorations in Amazonia
2003 Professor Michael Frank Goodchild contributions to geographical information science Harish Kapadia contributions to geographical discovery and mountaineering in the Himalayas
2002 Bruno Messerli mountain research and the public awareness of mountain issues Dr David Keeble advancing knowledge in economic and industrial geography
2001 Professor William Graf research on dryland river processes, and the interactions of science and public policy Reinhold Messner mountaineering and mountain regions
2000 Professor Brian Robson urban geography and geographical perspectives to urban policy Sir Crispin Tickell GCMG KCVO promoting the understanding of global environmental issues in governmental and wider public arena
1999 Professor Mike Kirkby development of processed-based and modelling approaches in geomorphology Doug Scott, CBE mountaineering and the knowledge of mountain regions

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