Giuditta Tavani Arquati

Giuditta Tavani Arquati (Rome, 30 April 1830 – Rome, 25 October 1867) was an Italian republican patriot, a notable figure in the Italian Risorgimento and a martyr for the cause of a United Italy.

Daughter of a defender of the Roman Republic of 1849, exiled to Venice after a long sentence in the papal prisons, Giuditta Tavani grew up in an environment that instilled secular and republican ideals within her.

Giuditta was born in 1830 to Giustino Tavani and Adelaide Mambor, and in 1844 married Francesco Arquati (Filettino, 27 September 1810 - Rome, 25 October 1867), also a patriot she lent on him, and followed his political path.

When she met her husband Francesco, Giuditta was only fourteen. She married him in 1844 in the roman parish church of St. Crisogono (in Trastevere) and gave him nine children. With him, she moved first to Subiaco and then in 1865 to Rome.

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