Gillian Hiscott

Gillian Hiscott is an author and playwright, born in Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom, in 1959 whose plays have been performed both in London and at the Edinburgh Festival. Her work in the theatre has been largely to promote the work of British female writers and she is the only published adaptor of work by Marie Corelli. Her last two plays were written whilst completing an MA in Playwriting and Script Development at Exeter University and are examples of plays affected by the literary concept known as the stream of consciousness. Her only novel Lady in Chains is WW2 fiction and centres on an era of social history which reflects a changing way of life for the British aristocracy.

Performing in more than one of the author's plays is veteran actress Beryl Nesbitt, LTDB entry who has featured in many film and TV roles. Involved in Vendetta as performers and directors: Christopher Gutmann, Ralph Mondi, Laurie Hagen.

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