Gibb is a variant of Gibson, an English and Scottish surname, and it may refer to:

People with the given name Gibb:

  • Andrew Gibb Maitland (1864–1951), English-born Australian geologist
  • Gibb McLaughlin (1884–1960), English film actor
  • James Gibb Ross (1819–1888), Canadian merchant and politician
  • James Gibb Stuart (21st century), financial author

People with the surname Gibb:

  • Alexander Gibb (1872–1958), Scottish civil engineer
  • Ali Gibb (born 1976), English footballer
  • Andrea Gibb (21st century), Scottish screenwriter and actor
  • Andy Gibb (1958–1988), English-born Australian singer and teen idol; younger brother of the Bee Gees
  • Barry Gibb (born 1946), singer, songwriter and producer; oldest of the three brothers who formed the Bee Gees
  • Bobbi Gibb (born 1942), American long-distance runner
  • Camilla Gibb (born 1968), Canadian writer
  • Cynthia Gibb (born 1963), American actress and former model
  • Donald Gibb (born 1954), American actor
  • Elias John Wilkinson Gibb (1857–1901), Scottish orientalist
  • George Gibb (1850–1925), Scottish transport administrator
  • Gordon Gibb (21st century), CEO of Flamingo Land Ltd
  • Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen Gibb (1895–1971), Scottish scholar of Islam and the Middle East
  • Jake Gibb (born 1976), beach volleyball player
  • Jo Gibb (born 1976), Scottish theatre actress
  • Joel Gibb (born 1977), Canadian artist
  • John Gibb (disambiguation), people named John Gibb
  • Maurice Gibb (1949–2003), English rock bass guitarist; twin brother of Robin and also a Bee Gees member
  • Maurie Gibb (born 1914), Australian rules footballer
  • Nick Gibb (born 1960), British politician
  • Paul Gibb (1913–1977), English cricketer
  • Peter Gibb (1954–2011), Australian criminal and prison escapee
  • Robert Gibb (1845–1932), Scottish painter
  • Robert Gibb (poet) (born 1946), American poet
  • Robin Gibb (1949–2012), singer and songwriter; twin brother of Maurice and also a Bee Gees member
  • Russ Gibb (born 1931), concert promoter and media personality
  • Steve Gibb (born 1973), English guitarist
  • Walter Gibb (1919–2006), British test pilot