George Andrew Reisner - Timeline


  • 1897–1899: Classified Egyptology collection of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • 1899–1905: Led the Hearst Expedition of the University of California to explore burial grounds at and around Qift
  • 1905: Edited The Hearst Medical Papyrus
  • 1905–1914: Assistant professor of Egyptology at Harvard University
  • 1907–1909: Directed archaeological survey of Nubia (Nilotic Sudan) for Egyptian government
  • 1910–1942: Curator of Egyptian collections at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • 1914–1942: Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University
  • 1916–1923: Explored pyramids of Meroë, dug out temple at Napata
  • 1931: Wrote Mycerinus (alternative name of Menkaure)
  • 1942: Published final work, A History of the Giza Necropolis

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