Genestealer - Army List

Army List

The most recent Genestealer Cult was published in Citadel Journal and was released for the 3rd edition Warhammer 40k. As such it is outdated and not tournament legal; however, due to the similarity of the 3rd and 4th edition rules for Warhammer 40k it was still usable with the latter edition. Some players preferred to use the Lost and the Damned army list to represent a Genestealer Cult, with Traitor Guardsmen representing Brood Brothers and Mutants representing Genestealer Hybrids. Others have tried to modify the Imperial Guard list using the Doctrines rule to mimic the Genestealer cult. In the more recent 5th edition of Warhammer 40k, the Doctrines rules and Lost and the Damned rules are no longer present, leaving the Imperial Guard codex as the last viable rules set to use.

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