Generator may refer to:

  • Signal generator
  • Electric generator
  • Engine-generator, an electric generator with its own engine
  • A member of a generating set
  • Generator matrix, a matrix used in coding theory
  • Generator (computer programming), a routine that acts like an iterator
  • Pseudorandom number generator, a producer of random numbers
  • Code generator, part of a compiler
  • Natural language generator
  • Random test generator, used in software testing
  • "Generator" (song), a song by The Foo Fighters
  • "Generator" (The Holloways song), a song by The Holloways
  • Generator (Bad Religion album), and the album's opening track
  • Generator (Aborym album)
  • The Generators, a 1997 punk rock band from Los Angeles
  • Kix (band), an American glam metal band also known as The Generators
  • "Generator", a song on the 1995 Elastica album The Menace
Popular culture
  • Generator Gawl, a 1998 anime series

Famous quotes containing the word generator:

    He admired the terrible recreative power of his memory. It was only with the weakening of this generator whose fecundity diminishes with age that he could hope for his torture to be appeased. But it appeared that the power to make him suffer of one of Odette’s statements seemed exhausted, then one of these statements on which Swann’s spirit had until then not dwelled, an almost new word relayed the others and struck him with new vigor.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)