General Zod - Other Versions

Other Versions

  • General Zod does not appear in the Superman or Justice League animated series, but appears in the spinoff comics of that universe; in Superman Adventures #21, he is an Argosian. This General Zod also appears in Justice League Unlimited #34.
  • The General Zod of Earth-15 is this world's Superman. This version is later killed by Superman Prime, who was angry because Zod was not a "maniac".
  • The Zod of JSA: The Liberty Files was not a general of any kind. He was recast as a sociopathic 11 year-old, who created a deadly synthetic virus on Krypton for no reason other than fun. Zod was banished to the Phantom Zone because of his actions (the first child ever sent to the Zone) until American scientists breached the Zone and discovered him. Taken in by the government and named "Clark Kent", Zod would fool most of his adult superiors by playing the role of a scared child until he grew up and became the adult "Super-Man".

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