Gemini 10 - Flight


The Agena launched perfectly for the second time, after problems had occurred with the targets for Gemini 6 and 9. Gemini 10 followed 100 minutes later and entered into a 159.9 x 268.9 kilometres (167.1 mi) orbit. They were 1,800 kilometres (1,100 mi) behind the Agena.

Gemini 10 Agena Info
Agena GATV-5005
NSSDC ID: 1966-065A
Mass 3,175 kilograms (7,000 lb)
Launch site LC-14
Launch date July 18, 1966
Launch time 20:39:46 UTC
1st perigee 294.7 kilometres (183.1 mi)
1st apogee 302.8 kilometres (188.2 mi)
Period 90.46 m
Inclination 28.85
Reentered December 29, 1966

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