GBR Code

The GBR code or Guy-Blandford-Roycroft code is a system of representing the pieces on the board in a chess position. Publications such as EG use it to classify endgame types and to index endgame studies.

In the GBR code, every chess position is represented by six digits, in the following format:


  • a = queens
  • b = rooks
  • c = bishops
  • d = knights
  • e = white pawns
  • f = black pawns

For the first four digits, each white piece counts as 1, and each black piece counts as 3. Thus, for example, if White has two knights and Black has one knight, numeral d = 1 + 1 + 3 = 5. If that is all the material other than the kings, the position is classified 0005. Values 0 through 8 represent all normal permutations of force; 9 is used if either side has promoted material.

The last two digits of the code represent the number of White and Black pawns, respectively.

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