Gaudencio Rosales - Parish Priest

Parish Priest

In 1970, he was given his first parish assignment—an obscure barrio named Banay-banay. He was told by the other priests not to stay long there because there was nothing much to do there. He replied with the spirit that has characterized his whole priestly life, “I will look for something to do.” And he did. He visited practically every house in his parish, meeting with everyone in the process. Up to now, the people in the place which he served for two-and-a-half years remember the tall, kindly priest.

His performance and reputation must have impressed the bishop, for he was transferred to the biggest parish of the diocese, in Batangas City. Ricardo Vidal was then his bishop, and soon afterwards, he was named auxiliary bishop of Manila, the first Batangueño to be made bishop under the stewardship of then Archbishop Vidal. Bishop Rosales was given by the saintly bishop, Alfredo Obviar, his bishop’s staff, which Bishop Rosales has been using ever since.

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