Garbage and Recycling: Opposing Viewpoints - Contents


Chapter Viewpoint Author Notes
Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?
Chapter 1: Is Garbage a Serious Problem? 1. Better Waste Management Strategies Are Needed to Avert a Garbage Crisis Arthur H. Purcell Excerpt from "Trash Troubles," The World & I, November 1998.
2. The Garbage Crisis Has Been Averted Marian R. Chertow Excerpt from "Waste, Industrial Ecology, and Sustainability," Social Research, Spring, 1998.
3. Landfills Are Dangerous Peter Montague Excerpt from "Landfills Are Dangerous, Rachel's Environmental & Health News, September 24, 1998.
4. Landfills Have Become Safer Bud Angst Excerpt from "What Is Inside a Landfill?," in Insight on the News, April 1, 2003.
5. Interstate Garbage Shipping Is Harmful Paul E. Kanjorski
6. Interstate Garbage Shipping Is Beneficial Bruce Parker
Chapter 2: Is Recycling Effective? 1. Recycling Benefits the Environment Sam Martin
2. Recycling Does Not Solve Environmental Problems Robert Lilienfeld and William Rathje
3. Recycling Is Economical Allen Hershkowitz
4. Current Recycling Programs Are Too Expensive Clark Wiseman
5. Mandatory Recycling Wastes Resources Doug Bandow
6. Mandatory Recycling Programs Work William J. Cohen
Chapter 3: Is Toxic Waste Disposal a Serious Problem? 1. Hazardous Waste Cleanup Projects Have Been Successful U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2. Hazardous Waste Cleanup Projects Usually Fail R. Allan Freeze
3. Nuclear Waste Disposal Is a Serious Problem Greenpeace
4. Nuclear Waste Disposal Is Not a Serious Problem Nuclear Energy Institute
5. Radioactive Metal Recycling Is Beneficial S.Y. Chen
6. Radioactive Metal Recycling Endangers Human Health David E. Adelman
7. Recycling Sewer Sludge Into Fertilizer Is Beneficial Lori Irvine and Anne Bonelli
8. Recycling Sewer Sludge Into Fertilizer Is Harmful Sheila R. Cherry
Chapter 4: What Innovations Will Help Reduce Waste? 1. Strategies to Minimize Medical Pollution Can Reduce Toxic Waste Charlie Cray
2. Designing for Disassembly Will Help Reduce Waste Gene Bylinsky, Alicia Hills Moore, and Karen Nickel Anhalt
3. New Plastics Sorting Technology Will Reduce Waste Conard Holton
4. Microorganisms Can Help Clean Up Toxic Waste Todd Zwillich From "Hazardous Waste Cleanup: A Tentative Comeback for Bioremediation," Science, 29 September 2000.
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