G1 Climax - 1986


The 1986 International Wrestling Grand Prix ran from May 16 to June 19, 1986. The tournament featured the return of the points system, with 14 wrestlers in two blocks of seven each. The top two from each block advanced to a knockout stage.

Final standings
Block A Block B
Antonio Inoki 25 Akira Maeda 27
André the Giant 17 Dick Murdoch 21
Seiji Sakaguchi 15 Tatsumi Fujinami 17
Kengo Kimura 15 Jimmy Snuka 16
The Masked Superstar 14 Umanosuke Ueda 13
Yoshiaki Fujiwara 11 The Wild Samoan 9
Klaus Wallace 0 The Cuban Assassin 0
Semifinals Final
A1 Antonio Inoki Sub
A2 André the Giant 9:30
A1 Antonio Inoki Pin
B2 Dick Murdoch 30:07
B1 Akira Maeda CO
B2 Dick Murdoch 16:22

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