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Human Geography

Population of
Year Pop. ±%
1801 5,231
1849 6,332 +21.0%
1900 11,891 +87.8%
1930 12,230 +2.9%
1960 9,744 −20.3%
1981 6,434 −34.0%
1991 5,372 −16.5%
2001 4,861 −9.5%
2011 4,260 −12.4%

The municipality consists of five civil parishes, organized into two distinct geographic groups: the first consisting of Colmeal, Vila Nova do Ceira, Góis and Cadafaz (united by the River Ceira); while the parish of Alvares is distinguished by the ravines of Mega and Sinhel.

  • Alvares
  • Cadafaz
  • Colmeal
  • Góis
  • Vila Nova do Ceira

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