FWD may refer to:

  • Front-wheel drive, a common method of vehicle propulsion.
  • FWD (Famine, War, and Drought) Campaign from USAID
  • Free World Dialup (now simply FWD), a non-commercial Voice over IP network.
  • Falling weight deflectometer (Falling Weight Deflectometer test), a structural test on road and airport pavements.
  • Far Western District A geographical district of the Barbershop Harmony Society.
  • Fire weather outlook, a forecast of fire weather conditions by the U.S. National Weather Service
  • An archaic term for four-wheel drive (4WD or AWD is preferred today).
  • The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company of Clintonville, Wisconsin, later the FWD Corporation.
  • An abbreviation of "Forward", appended to the beginning of e-mail subject lines when sending a received message on to someone else ("forwarding").
  • Plantinga's free will defense