Fusarium Oxysporum - Patents Relating To The Management of Fusarium Oxysporum

Patents Relating To The Management of Fusarium Oxysporum

A number of recent patents specifically describe effective treatments of Fusarium oxysporum, reflecting its widespread importance as an agricultural pest.

  • US 5,614,188: two strains of Bacillus in a composition of chitin and lime used to fight Fusarium in the soil.
  • US 2004/136964 A1: Trichoderma asperellum mixed into container media (such as peat).
  • US 4,714,614: a strain of Pseudomonas putida in combination with an iron chelating agent (such as EDTA).
  • US 4988586: any of six types of bacteria that degrade fusaric acid, a toxin that damages plants and furthers infection.
  • US 6100449 and WO 1996/032007 A1: a small genomic region (I2C) conferring resistance in transgenic tomatoes.
  • US 2003/131376 A1: use of transgenic plants expressing enzymes capable of destroying Fusarium cell walls.
  • US 4006265: spraying of crops with hydrogen peroxide to reduce the effect of contamination by Fusarium toxins.
  • WO 2005/074687 A1: cure of infected plants by spraying with natamycin or other polyene antibiotics.

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