Fundamental Law

Fundamental law(s) may refer to:

  • Organic law, in particular,
    • Constitution, in particular,
      • The Russian Constitution of 1906.
      • The German Grundgesetz (more commonly translated as "Basic Law").
      • The four individual laws that together make up the Constitution of Sweden.
      • The Fundamental Laws of England.
      • The Fundamental Law of Vatican City State
    • The Basic Laws of a country which does not use the term "constitution", or has an uncodified constitution.
  • The fundamental physical laws of the universe
  • In religion, The Ten Commandments

Famous quotes containing the words fundamental and/or law:

    I believe the declaration that “all men are created equal” is the great fundamental principle upon which our free institutions rest.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    But the creative person is subject to a different, higher law than mere national law. Whoever has to create a work, whoever has to bring about a discovery or deed which will further the cause of all of humanity, no longer has his home in his native land but rather in his work.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)