Fuller may refer to:

  • People with the surname Fuller (surname)
  • Fuller, a worker who cleanses wool through the process of fulling
  • Fuller's Brewery in London
  • Fuller's earth, clay used for filtering and purifying
  • Fuller (weapon), groove in a knife or sword blade, to lighten and stiffen the blade
  • USS Fuller, the name of two ships of the U.S. Navy
  • Fuller, California, United States, town in Imperial County
  • Fuller Brush Company
  • Fuller (metalworking), a tool used to form metal when hot
  • Fuller Theological Seminary, the largest multi-denominational seminary in the world, located in Pasadena, California

Famous quotes containing the word fuller:

    Stop usin’ your hands, Skip, and start usin’ your head.
    —Samuel Fuller (b. 1911)

    With foxes we must play the fox.
    —Thomas Fuller (1654–1734)

    Water inflated the belly
    Of Hart Crane, and of Shelley.
    Coleridge was a dope.
    Southwell died on a rope.
    —Roy Fuller (b. 1912)