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Further information: List of provincial leaders of the People's Republic of China

List of the Secretaries of the CPC Fujian Committee

  • Zhang Dingcheng (张鼎丞): June 1949-October 1954
  • Ye Fei (叶飞): October 1954-June 1958
  • Jiang Yizhen (江一真): acting 1958–1970
  • Han Xianchu (韩先楚): April 1971-December 1973
  • Liao Zhigao (廖志高): December 1974-February 1982
  • Xiang Nan (项南): February 1982-March 1986
  • Chen Guangyi (陈光毅); March 1986-December 1993
  • Jia Qinglin (贾庆林): December 1993-October 1996
  • Chen Mingyi (陈明义): October 1996-December 2000 
  • Song Defu (宋德福): December 2000-February 2004
  • Lu Zhangong (卢展工): February 2004-November 2009
  • Sun Chunlan(孙春兰):November 2009-incumbent

List of Governors

  • Zhang Dingcheng (张鼎丞): August 1949-October 1954  
  • Ye Fei (叶飞): October 1954-January 1959
  • Jiang Yizhen (江一真): October 1959-December 1962
  • Wen Jinshui (魏金水): December 1962-August 1968 
  • Han Xianchu (韩先楚): August 1968-December 1973
  • Liao Zhigao (廖志高): November 1974-December 1979
  • Ma Xingyuan (马兴元): December 1979-January 1983
  • Hu Ping (胡平): January 1983-September 1987
  • Wang Zhaoguo (王兆国): September 1987-November 1990
  • Jia Qinglin (贾庆林): November 1990-April 1994
  • Chen Mingyi (陈明义): April 1994-October 1996
  • He Guoqiang (贺国强): October 1996-August 1999
  • Xi Jinping (习近平): August 1999-October 2002
  • Lu Zhangong (卢展工): October 2002-December 2004
  • Huang Xiaojing (黄小晶): December 2004-April 2011
  • Su Shulin(苏树林):April 2011-incumbent

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