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Famous People

The province and its diaspora abroad also has a tradition of educational achievement, and has produced many important scholars, statesmen and other notable persons since the time of the Song dynasty, such as:

  • Huang Qiaoshan (871–953), Vice-Minister of Works, Tang dynasty.
  • Zheng Qiao (1108–1166), historian.
  • Zhu Xi (1130–1200), Confucian philosopher.
  • Huang Senping (14th-15th century), Royal son-in-law of Sultan Muhammad Shah of Brunei.
  • Hong Chengchou (1593–1665), Ming dynasty official.
  • Shi Lang (1621–1696), Qing dynasty admiral.
  • Zheng Chenggong (1624–1662), a Ming dynasty general who defeated the Dutch to reconquer Taiwan.
  • Lin Zexu (1785–1850), scholar and official.
  • Lin Shu (1852–1924), translator.
  • Yan Fu (1854–1921), scholar and translator.
  • Lin Yutang (1894–1976), writer.
  • Zheng Zhenduo (1898–1958), literary historian.
  • Ong Schan Tchow (Chinese: 翁占秋) (1900 – 1945), artist well known for the painting of the “Book of Chrysanthemums”
  • Go Seigen (born 1914), pseudonym of Go champion Wú Qīngyuán.
  • Zhang Jingchu (born 1980), actress
  • Raymond Lam (born 1979), Hong Kong actor

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