Fritz The Cat (film)

Fritz The Cat (film)

Fritz the Cat is a 1972 American animated comedy film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi as his feature film debut.

Based on the comic strip of the same name by Robert Crumb, the film was the first animated feature film to receive an X rating in the United States. It focuses on Fritz (voiced by Skip Hinnant), an anthropomorphic feline in mid-1960s New York City who explores the ideals of hedonism and sociopolitical consciousness. The film is a satire focusing on American college life of the era, race relations, the free love movement, and left- and right-wing politics. Fritz the Cat is the most successful independent animated feature of all time, grossing over $100 million worldwide.

The film had a troubled production history and controversial release. Crumb is known to have had disagreements with the filmmakers over the film's political content. Fritz the Cat was controversial for its rating and content, which many viewers at the time found to be offensive. Its success led to a slew of other X-rated animated films, and a sequel, The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, was made without Crumb's or Bakshi's involvement.

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