Franz-Joseph Müller Von Reichenstein - Place and Date of Birth

Place and Date of Birth

Müller was born in 1740 or 1742 in Austria-Hungary. While the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie gives the 1 July 1740 and Vienna as date and place of birth, the Neue Deutsche Biographie gives the 4 October 1742 and the small town of Poysdorf in Lower Austria as date and place of birth. The much older works Neuer Nekrolog der Deutschen and Oesterreichische National-Encyklopädie do not give a place of birth and only the year 1740 for his birth. Even articles on the discovery of tellurium of Mary Elvira Weeks published in the Journal of Chemical Education in 1932 and 1935 quote two different locations of his birth one in Vienna and the other Hermannstadt (Sibiu) Transylvania, present day Romania. A newer biography on the topic makes clear that date and place of birth are not definitely known.

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