Frank Nugent

Frank Nugent may refer to:

  • Frank S. Nugent (1908-1965), American journalist, film reviewer, script doctor, and screenwriter
  • Frank Nugent, a fictional character in the Billy Bunter books by Frank Richards
  • Frank Nugent, a fictional character in the film 16 Blocks

Famous quotes containing the words frank and/or nugent:

    Parents can only give [children] good advice or put them on their right paths, but the final forming of a person lies in their own hands.
    —Anne Frank (20th century)

    Newspaperman: That was a magnificent work. There were these mass columns of Apaches in their war paint and feather bonnets. And here was Thursday leading his men in that heroic charge.
    Capt. York: Correct in every detail.
    Newspaperman: He’s become almost a legend already. He’s the hero of every schoolboy in America.
    —Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)