Francine Du Plessix Gray - Career


  • United Press International, New York City, reporter at night desk, 1952–54
  • Réalités (French magazine), Paris, France, editorial assistant for French edition, 1954–55
  • Freelance writer, 1955--
  • Art in America, New York City, book editor, 1964–66
  • The New Yorker, New York City, staff writer, 1968-. Robert Gottlieb was her editor.
  • Distinguished visiting professor at City College of the City University of New York, spring, 1975
  • Visiting lecturer at Saybrook College, Yale University, 1981
  • Adjunct professor, School of Fine Arts, Columbia University, 1983--
  • Ferris Professor, Princeton University, 1986
  • Annenberg fellow, Brown University, 1997

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