Fourth Floor Collapse - History


Fourth Floor Collapse originated in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, playing their first show at the Rosemount Hotel in 1998.

Michael and Rhys actually met at play group way back when and I met Michael at high school. I was in half a band and we were looking for a singer and Michael and Rhys were kind of half a band and needed a bass player. We got together and went from there. We lived a suburb apart – it just seemed logical that we get together —Dan Forrestal

They became the most awarded unsigned band in Australia, taking out the Next Big Thing Competition in 1999 and winning ten Western Australian Music Industry Awards, including Most Popular Local Original Rock Act (2002). The band released its debut recording Plans for Dream Homes in 2000 on the QStik Records label and its debut album, Half Deserted Streets in 2001 on Congregation Records.

In 2003 Fourth Floor Collapse released its second album, From the Cold, for which it received extensive airplay on Triple J and public radio around the country, with tracks such as "Made Believe", "Sun", and "Stories Unglued".

Frustrated by the isolation of Perth the three main songwriters, Dan Forrestal, Rhys Kealley and Michael Miller relocated to Melbourne in 2005 adding bass player, Jesse Delaney and drummer Michael Parker.

We'd seen a lot of bands who'd left Perth, and disappeared. It scared the hell out of us, but we got to the point where we had to do something to move forward. If we could stay in WA then we would but we can't afford it - especially touring. We would get over to the east two or three times every year, and whatever buzz we could generate would dissipate before we could capitalise on it. — Dan Forrestal

The group signed to Creative Vibes with whom they recorded and released their third album Books with Broken Spines in 2006. Singles released from this album were, "Drink 'til You Drown", "Occupation" and "Ashes". The release was followed by heavy touring by the band and by the beginning of 2008 they had clocked up over 250 shows. They commenced recording their fourth album in early 2008.

We began work on this album at the beginning of the year. It has been two years since our last release, and two years seems like a long time to me. If I could, I would get stuff out every year. — Dan Forrestal

The album, Victoria, was recorded in Melbourne; mixed in Perth by Andy Lawson (Little Birdy, Eskimo Joe & End of Fashion) and Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe); and mastered in Sydney, it was released on 13 October 2008.

We feel like an exile band, a Western Australian band in Victoria —Dan Forrestal

In March 2009 a question was asked on Facebook of Rhys Kealley from the band 'Has FFC split up?'. No response was received. Rhys has relocated to London

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