Fortis may refer to:

In people:

  • Alberto Fortis (1741–1803), Venetian writer, naturalist and cartographer
  • Alberto Fortis (musician) (born 1955), Italian singer and songwriter
  • Alessandro Fortis, Italian politician and prime minister
  • Louis Fortis, American politician
  • Rami Fortis, Israeli rock musician

In business:

  • Fortis (finance), a defunct banking, financial services and insurance company, based in Belgium and The Netherlands or their successors:
    • Ageas, formed from the insurance operations of Fortis
    • ASR Nederland, formed from the Dutch insurance operations of Fortis
    • BNP Paribas Fortis, formed from the Belgian banking operations of Fortis, now owned by BNP Paribas
    • ABN Amro, formed from the Netherlands banking operations of Fortis, now owned by the Dutch government
  • Fortis Healthcare Limited, a chain of hospitals based in India
  • Fortis Inc., a Canadian utility holding company
  • Fortis Uhren AG, a Swiss watch company


  • Fortis (linguistics), a group of consonants that are produced with greater energy
  • Fortis Healthcare, a chain of hospitals in India
  • Galant Fortis, also known as the Mitsubishi Lancer