Fortin is a surname, and may refer to:

  • André-Gilles Fortin
  • Dan Fortin
  • Dean Fortin, Canadian mayor of Victoria
  • Dédé Fortin
  • Émile Fortin
  • Ernest Fortin
  • Gilles Fortin
  • Jean-Baptiste Fortin
  • Jean-François Fortin, hockey player
  • Jean-François Fortin (chairman), French businessman
  • Judy Fortin
  • Louis Fortin
  • Louis-Napoléon Fortin
  • Marc-Aurèle Fortin
  • Marco Fortin
  • Pierre-Étienne Fortin
  • Randy G Fortin,Canadian Businessman
  • Roger Fortin
  • Roman Fortin
  • Thomas Fortin

Fortín may also refer to Fortín de las Flores, a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

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